J. Lawrence Downtown
Gift Certificate Reimbursement.

For those who purchased gift cards, J. Lawrence Downtown is working to provide a fair reimbursement process for our valued customers. This process will require us to gather a few details pertaining to the purchase of the certificate, in order for us to properly refund the buyer.

Please see the required details below.

Thank you,

The J. Law Family

Gift Certificate Reimbursement Form

In order for J. Lawrence Downtown to initiate a refund for purchased Gift Certificates, we will need to collect the below information to review your request and process refunds. Please be sure to fill out the form in full paying close attention to the last 4 digits of you actual Gift Certificate. Refund review will be open until our last day of service on 10/30/2021 and inquires after that date will be reviewed on a case by case basis. - Thank You.

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